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If your vehicle has snow tires, and you are in doubt -When is the right time to put on summer tires, this article will guide you to know more about summer tires and all-season tires and in what conditions they perform best!

The end of Winter in Canada is usually a lengthy and drawn-out transition. Winter and summer tires serve a goal; changing them at the right time will ensure a hassle-free ride all year round.

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Driving conditions in winter can change fast. With Westlake, you'll always be sure to have the right tires for your road trip!

Driving in winter can be a challenge for many. Snow, slippery roads, or reduced visibility can make it unpleasant. But it doesn't have to be that hard. Simple checks and nifty tips make it less of a challenge - like the ones in this blog.

West Lake Tires

The primary consideration for anyone looking to safely navigate Canada's roads this winter is understanding that winter tires are essential. Once temperatures dip below +7℃, winter tires provide exceptional performance compared to summer and even all-season tires.

We have compiled a list of a few critical factors you need to consider when buying winter tires in Canada so you can maintain them and get the most out of your investment.

West Lake Tires
Nov, 2022

Brace yourselves; Winter is coming! And it comes with hours of chill and snow shoveling. Switching tires is another task that comes with the arrival of the cold season.

But are winter tires essential? Good tires are crucial to road safety, and if you live in places that snow, you've likely wondered whether winter tires are necessary. These professional tips will help you determine.